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The Power of Kindness

Wardens Office - Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Simple acts of kindness can have powerful and transformative effects.  Consider a women visiting New York City who had only $10 in cash to pay for her $15 taxi ride.  Not only did the driver accept her $10, but he returned a couple of dollars to her because he didn't want her to be penniless in the big city.  The women says she was so grateful that it transformed her mood - she found herself performing random acts of kindness to strangers and friends weeks after the taxi ride.

Kindness is one of the most poignant sources of connection to others.  It fosters joy, relationships, health and faith in humanity. 

But kindness does not get the recognition it deserves.  Some people equate being kind with being weak or boring.  But it takes greater strength to be kind than it does to be unkind,  For example, it's much easier to avoid the elderly neighbor across the street than it is to stop by and see how she's doing, and it's much easier to carry a chip on your shoulder than to forgive a friend.  

Being kind requires great strength of character, but the benefits to you and the world are enormous!