Identify Your Peeps


Here's a novel idea: instead of committing to a list of resolutions, commit to friends and family.  Decide you'll make them a priority and spend more time with them this year.

The first step is to compose a list of the people you want in your life - people you love and people who are good for you (not people you feel "obligated to see").  That could be family, friends, people you want to know better, or people you have lost touch with.  Ask yourself: Who brings out the best in me?  Who makes me laugh?  Who elevates my mood?  Narrow your list to no more than ten people.  Next decide how you want to keep in touch.  Each person will be different.  You may be able only to Skype with your friend halfway around the world, but you can have monthly dinners with your sister or plan weekly workouts with your friend who lives just down the street.  

True relationships require time, commitment, and, yes..., work.  Relationships can't thrive and deepen unless you acknowledge that and work at it.  But the rewards are great: rich and satisfying relationships that can last a lifetime.